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Elizabeth Kali is an interior architect/designer, with experience in the high-end luxury market, from domestic, retail to automotive,  with a strong passion for luxury interiors.


The idea for this brand was to create concepts of three premium-looking objects, a painting, an armchair, and a floor lamp into exclusive luxury statements that will make your space looking stunning!  


Elizabeth Kali's perception of modern luxury is about being brave, dare to be unique, and adding colour to your lives, be bold and vibrant. Make a statement!


Luxury is a cognitive experience anyway, reflected through our emotional connections with our surroundings.  It's all about how you want to feel and be what you want to be.

The paintings are of exquisite art quality from well-known artists, the armchairs are exclusive, with a design style that blends harmoniously with the paintings. The floor lamps have a unique design character that complements the design philosophy of the concept. 


Elizabeth Kali is about Unique Luxury Experiences.

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